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Terri LeBlanc Photos

Terri M. LeBlanc of Marion, Iowa, a Minnesota native, was fascinated by her father’s Yashica  35 Electro camera that he purchased while in Vietnam in the late 60’s while she was growing up.  However, it wasn’t until her husband of 11 years, Jason, started working second shift and the winter blues started to settle in during the winter of 2007 did she decide to learn a bit about Photography.  Armed with a Fuji point and shoot camera that she reluctantly purchased when her beloved Kodak film camera went "kaput" and a Canon Rebel GII, she began shooting.  Over the last five years, she has focused on landscape, architecture and animal photography with lots of candid shots of her family and friends.

In December 2009, she entered the 2010 Yamanashi Sister State Photo Contest and received the Most Outstanding Prize for her photo of a shelf cloud moving through Eastern Iowa just days before the devastating flood of 2008 that swamped downtown Cedar Rapids with over 31 feet of water.

As an International Award winning photographer, LeBlanc entered four photos in the 2011 Iowa State Fair Photography Salon and 10 photos into the Linn County Fair.  Two of her four photos were selected to exhibition at the Iowa State Fair, which is commonly known as one of the toughest photography competitions in the country.  Nine of her 10 photos were selected for viewing at the Linn County Fair with one photo, a black and white picture of stained glass at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church (Caledonia, MN), winning second place in the Architecture class.

In her free time and when she is not working as a Project Manager at RuffaloCODY, LeBlanc enjoys spending time with her husband and two cats.  Her photography, along with prints available for purchase, can be viewed a

These photos were taken by Terri M. LeBlanc of Marion, Iowa in April of 2012. They are being used with her permission.