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Rose McConnen


Rose McConnen

Born: abt. 1815
Died: January 15, 1892

Rose was the mother of James McConnen.

There is no grave marker for Rose McConnen in the cemetery, but records show that she was buried there.

 Source: 1880 US Census

"Rose Muldane McConnen  was a widow when she immigrated to this country from Ireland.  She and her sister,  Mrs. Barney Clark, arrived in New Orleans in 1848.  Her son James bought 40 acres of land for himself and for his mother.  This land was located in Lafayette County, Iowa.  She then settled in Iowa in 1851.  Rose stayed in Iowa, acting as a nursemaid in different homes.  She was affectionately known as "Aunt Rose".  In her later years she was taken in and cared for by Mary McConnen (Mrs. James) until her death in 1892."  Taken from the notes of Richard W. McConnen, son of James and Mary McConnen.

submitted by Ellen Oliver, Great, great granddaughter.

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